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Together we can beat it

The San Sebastian and Zurich Film Festivals will showcase films from SXSW and Tribeca Film Festival

In a sign of solidarity with the independent film industry and in response of its request, José Luis Rebordinos, Director of the San Sebastian Film Festival (SSIFF), and Christian Jungen, Artistic Director of the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), announced plans to introduce a film market at their respective festivals. Marking a first for both events, SSIFF and ZFF will include buyers from across the globe, with programming that includes films originally selected to be showcased at SXSW (South by Southwest) and the Tribeca Film Festival.

The move signals a broader effort from the film community to support and create a marketplace for independently-financed projects in non-traditional settings.  Working collaboratively with both entities, CAA Media Finance is leading the initiative to transform San Sebastian and Zurich into sales markets that bring together a worldwide consortium of agencies, foreign sales companies, distributors, financiers, and buyers. The initiative is supported by Wild Bunch and FilmNation.

"For the San Sebastian Film Festival, the most important thing now is the health of film industry professionals and spectators. But we continue to work with the aim of making the Festival’s 2020 edition a reality next September (18-26)”, said José Luis Rebordinos.  “If the health authorities allow the Festival to go ahead under normal conditions, we want this edition to serve as an opportunity for films unable to screen at the festivals for which they were originally selected, to be shown to an audience of buyers and distributors and, at the same time, for these professionals, representatives of the most important companies in the world film industry, to discover the scope of the San Sebastian Festival, its line-up and its activities focused on the film industry".

“We live in disruptive times which also shatter the traditional festival landscape and threaten Independent cinema. Many high-profile titles are orphans of a real premiere their cast and crew deserve. We are therefore delighted to help out by holding screenings for buyers together with our friends of San Sebastian", said Christian Jungen. "It is important to strengthen independent cinema and to help those titles in their launch for the awards season. Zurich is one of the world’s financial capitals and an ideal place for a film market, thanks to a great infrastructure where you can do business in a leisurely atmosphere”.

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