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Patti Cake$

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Hip hop culture has become mainstream. Jay-Z signed a 10-year exclusive contract with Live Nation. The official number of the deal is $200 million dollars. That is a good reason for making fun of Jay-Z as an arrogant musician and producer who forgot his roots. Afterall, hip hop emerged out of the living conditions in America's inner cities, and they nothing but mainstream.   

Newcomer Danielle Macdonald stars as aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P a.k.a. Patti Cake$ in the first feature film from acclaimed commercial and music video director Geremy Jasper. Set in gritty strip-mall suburbia, Patti Cake$ chronicles an underdog’s quest for fame and glory with humour, raw energy and unforgettable beats.

She is just 23 and she hasn't done anything remarkable yet. She is surrounded by people who the system rejected -- disabled, drunkards, poor, old. If Patti-Dumbo don't wake up, she will die of a miserable life.

There are two good reasons to face the weather at Somerset House tonight and watch this premiere: first is that the soundtrack is not only hip hop; second is that comic films are still the greatest source of creativity in cinema industry. 

In case your couch is more comfortable than Somerset House pavement, the film is out on September 1st.

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