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Get Out There: Raindance 2017

Celebrating its 25th year, Raindance Film Festival will take place in London Vue Leicester Square cinema. The venue has been completed changed and I confess I thought I was in a Gala session at 8pm, though it was just 9 am! The lights close to the scalators and the new signs are perfect for the ones who want a complete immersive experience in the cinema. You don't have to wear sunglasses at all, even at 9 am. Plus the seats are comfortable. There is no need to stand up to let someone pass by you in order to find their seats.

Over 200 projects of independent filmmaking will be screened at Raindance from September 20th to October 1st, including feature films, shorts, VR and music videos. I confess I cannot wait to see for this:

1. VR - Virtual realities are the trendy of American film festivals. You find them at Sundance and Tribeca and they are of very good quality. It seems Britain is a little bit behind this trend. (I have only found VRs in Watershed Bristol.) Fortunatley Raindance programmed a series of VR experiences in 10 (!) categories!! They go from narratives to documentary and animation.  

2. There are some hidden and anticipated gems. Bruce LaBruce latest feature, The Misandrists (see trailer below) will have its UK premiere at Raindance. This time a young man is taken by members of the Female Liberation Army, a lesbian separatist stronghold.

3. There will be a co-production Forum between the UK and Italian film industries. UK independent producers, distribution and sales companies are invited to take part on new co-production business opportunities. We all know that Italian movies are struggling to get distribution abroad but initiatives like those are reinvigorating. See here what is going on in the US in the words of IndieWire editor and critic Eric Kohn.

Amayzing Movies will be out there at Raindance. Come and join me. Tickets are now on sale.  

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