• Maysa Monção

Red Carpet, the movie

About a year ago, I have finished writing my first script. Red Carpet is loosely inspired on my experience as a film critic. Believe me. I have seen many funny situations on the last 10 years.

Dora Azevedo, 35, is living the dream. At least her social media followers are convinced she is. Her editor Gabor Tóth, 28, offered an unpaid position to cover the London Film Festival. Dora just needs to be in the right place at the right time to pass a probationary period.

The truth is that nothing is certain in London but expenses. Red carpets aren't made for rainy days. Gabor wants more followers while Dora is struggling to find time to write in between screenings, interviews, and press conferences. On top of her hectic routine, a secret admirer is stalking her.

We have teamed up with the best creative, multi-cultured team in London to shoot a teaser for you.

Teaser is coming soon and if you wish, you can be part of this project too.

Are you curious?

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