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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

In the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated myself to improving my knowledge of films and film production. Below you will find a list of courses, webinars, masterclasses and talks I attended.

Hopefully this list will inspire you too!

COLLAB -- Sundance Institute online platform

  1. From short to feature film (3-hours masterclass, by Jim Cummings) -- Nov 19, 2019

  2. Film music: creating the soundscape for your film (3-hour masterclass, with Peter Golub, Carter Burwell and Adam Smalley) -- May 14th 2020

  3. Writers’ Cafe (2 hour workshop) -- May 1st 2020

  4. Film Crowdfunding Strategies with Kickstarter (webinar with Liz Cook Mowe, Elise McCave) -- April 8th 2020

  5. On Cinema, Seeing, and Creativity (webinar with Mark Cousins) -- June 3, 2020

  6. Telling Your Story with Sound (conversation with Alma Har’el and Benh Zeitlin, presented by the Dolby Institute) -- June 26th 2020

  7. Breaking into Business and Building your Career (Advisor Q&A live with Josh Goldenberg) -- April 30th 2020

  8. Online Meet-up (with Trey Ellis, American Book Award-Winning novelist, playwright, essayist ) -- Aug 8th 2020

Oscars -- Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Science

  1. Film editing Masterclass -- November 12th 2020

BIFA -- British Independent Film Awards

  1. For Sama Live (watch party + Q&A with Waad al-Kateab and Edward Watts) -- April 14th 2020

  2. Berberian Sound Studio (watch party + Q&A with Peter Strickland, Toby Jones, Nic Knowland and Shaheen Baig) -- April 30th 2020

  3. Unconscious Bias Training (in partnership with ScreenSkills; certificate issued) -- July 29th 2020

BAFTA -- British Academy of Films and Television Arts

  1. Guru Live: Your TV Career, supported by Sara Putt Associates (with Adeel Amini, TV Producer and Founder, The TV Mindset; Harjeet Chhokar, Commissioning Editor, Documentaries and Specialist Factual, Channel 4; David P Davis, Executive Producer, Bad Wolf; Hattie Wood, Joint Head of Talent, Twenty Twenty and Wall to Wall) -- November 10th 2020

  2. TV Sessions: The Making of The End of the F***ing World (talk about the team’s creative process with 7 speakers) -- July 20th 2020

  3. TV Sessions: The Making of Chernobyl (talk about the creative process with 4 speakers) -- July 13th 2020

  4. TV Sessions: Live Performer on Performer (with Aisling Bea and Gbemisola Ikumelo) -- July 27th 2020

BFI Network

  1. ShortItOut (with Ben Wheatley) -- May 28th 2020

  2. Micro-Shorts and Application Breakdown (with Matt Ajan and Josic Cadoret) -- Nov 26th 2019

  3. Q &A of the movie "Rebecca" (with Ben Wheatley) -- November 6th 2020


  1. 2021 WFTV English Mentoring Scheme in association with ScreenSkills (how to apply for the scheme) -- October 27th 2020

  2. The Essentials of Pitching (with Linda Cockburn) -- September 2nd 2020

  3. Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production Training (certificate issued) -- July 7th 2020

  4. Mentorship (part of ScreenSkills 6-hours mentoring programme, with Shaheen Schleifer) -- in progress

LFS -- London Film School

  1. Production Designer (masterclass with Fleur Whitlock) -- February 24th 2020

  2. LFS Connects (Killed By My Debt Q&A) -- May 21th 2019

Film London/EAN/Flamin

  1. Film London Lab: The Writers Sessions (with Angeli Macfarlane, intense lab that covers all aspects of scriptwriting) -- Sep 7th to Sep 23rd

  2. S.O.U.L. Fest: Training & Skills Development Panel -- Aug 13th, 2020

  3. On Script Reports (masterclass with Sam Stockbridge) -- April 28th 2019

  4. New Entrants Course, Equal Access (2-day course introduced by professionals in various film areas, such as marketing, production, film financing, script editing, sales and sound editing) -- March 23-24 2019

  5. Film Financing and Investment (masterclass with Wayne Marc Godfrey) -- March 4th 2019

  6. HBO backstage workshop of the show “My Dad Wrote a Porno” -- (meet the crew and behind the scene tour) -- March 4th 2019

  7. Flamin Productions (how to apply conference) -- October 25th 2018

Stage 32

  1. Women In Film Personal Stories (webinar with producers Alexandra Barreto, Mali Elfman and Robin Brook) -- May 18th 2020

PROM -- The People’s Republic of Movies

  1. Working in the Film Festivals (webinar with Rebekah Louise Smith) -- June 25th 2020

Hubert Bals Fund

  1. Hubert Bals Fund Explained (with Alessia Acone) -- April 17th 2020

Iconic Steps

  1. Alumni Sessions (Q&A with Laura Wilson from Altitude Films) -- June 16th 2020

Together Films

  1. Digital Perspectives: Powering Virtual Screenings (with Eric Streeper from XERB) -- September 7th 2020

  2. Digital Perspectives: How to Set Up a Virtual Festival (with Melanie Iredale and Mat Steel from Sheffield Doc Fest) -- August 3rd 2020

Little White Lies

  1. Q&A of the movie "Shirley" -- November 4th 2020

Creative England

3-day digital event on films and Arts (the launch of Creative Coalition 2020) -- November 9-11 2020




TIFF -- Toronto International Film Festival




Sheffield Doc

Bristol Cinema Rediscovered


San Sebastian






Sheffield Doc

Sundance London



Rome Festa del Cinema

Locarno (online via Festival Scope)


Almost sabbatical year, as I was working on music festivals.

Sundance London



Sundance London



We Are One -- A Global Film Festival

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